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Cutomer Service Policies

General Information:

1)   on-line store is owned and run by:

 Scrapbooking Polska Andrzej Łoboź

Located AT: 40-750 Katowice, ul. Szarych Szeregów 28, Poland, called Seller
Phone: +48 796 836 146

NIP: 954-242-59-82

REGON: 241156445

Bank Account: Alior Bank S.A.

31 2490 0005 0000 4600 2944 5285


2)            All process are given in Polish Zloty and include VAT tax. These prices don’t include shipping costs. All the process are valid at the moment of placing order on-line. Seller reserves the right to change the prices of goods in his offer, starting and canceling promotional offers in the on-line store and changing them.

3)            All photos of goods of Latarnia Morska brand are the property of the owner of and all rights are reserved. Using them in commercial purpouse is forbidden unless you obtain written permission from the owner.

4)            By placing an order at you accept all these terms.



1)            Orders sould be placed using the form in on-line store.

2)            It is required to fill in the order form properly, particularly to provide phone number and e-mail essential for order confirmation. The orders which cannot be confirmed or with not filled in forms, will not be processed.

3)            After placing an order, Customer will receive an automatically generated  e-mail with confirmation and order details.

4)            The delivery is made via chosen by Customer  method. All orders are proceed immediately after receiving the payment.

5)            The receipt is enclosed to every order. Customer can be provided with an invoice, upon a request.

6)            Orders are canceled if the payment is not received during 10 days after placing them on-line.



1)            Proceeding of an order takes 1-4 working days.

2)            All orders are shipped via Poczta Polska (Polish Postal Service) or courier.

3)            Most packages arrive in 1-4 days. However in November-December it may take even 14 days.

4)            The shipping costs are paid by Consumer.

5)            In case of filling in wrong data (shipping addres), additional charge will apply covering cost of return and shipping again to the right address (maximum 20 PLN). Seller reserves the right to cancel an order and return the payment if Cutomer refuses to pay additional charge. In this case return payment will be subtracted of the amount of additional charge.

6)            In case of reporting a package to be lost, Seller is obliged to claim the package at Poczta Polska/courier after 14 days of expected delivery. Reshipment of the package depends on the result of the claim. on-line store provides the following methods of payment:

1)            Bank transfer to Scrapbooking Polska Andrzej Łoboź company bank account

2)            Paypal

3)            Transfer via Przelewy24 (including payments via credit card)

4)            Cash or credit/debit card (with personal pick up only)



1)            Customer has the right to return any ordered item within 14 days since the delivery.

2)            Customer is responsible if the value of products are lower because of actions taken by the customers (unpacking, checking or using bought products).

3)            Return should be sent on the store address with enclosed receipt or invoice and filled form of .

4)            Payment for the returned item will be sent within 7 days on the banking account provided by Customer. Customer returns items on his expense.

5)            Information about the defective products should be sent in writing at store’s address or via e-mail at The products in store are under 2 year warranty.

6)            All claims are resolved within 14 days from the date of putting the claim.

7)   store covers the shipping costs of damaged/defective product via returning hippinh costs on Customer’s bank account.


 Additional Information

1)            All Customers personal information collected Turing the process of registration are secret and not revealed to any third parties according to Polish law - ustawa z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997r.”O ochronie danych osobowych”.

2)            Customer has the right to insight, correcting and claiming removal of his personal information.

3)            Other issues not stated in these policies will be resolved upon Polish law – Kodeks Cywilny.


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